Micro perc (Micro PCNL)

Microperc’ (Micro PCNL) is a procedure is which is performed using a 16-gauge needle.


One of the major disadvantages of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) is its unpredictable results. While the prominent limitation of Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery is high cost and extremely poor durability. a major limitation of PCNL is its invasiveness and associated morbidity.

Reduction in the tract size helps to significantly reduce the invasiveness of the procedure and the potential complications too. In Microperc or Micro PCNL, the procedure is performed through a 4.85-Fr (16 gauge) tract. The underlying hypothesis of the ‘All-seeing needle’ is that if the initial tract is perfect, then the tract-related morbidity can be substantially reduced. The optical needle helps to eliminate any traversing viscera. Yet another advantage of microperc is that it is a single-step renal access procedure, which results in a shorter insertion. Thus, this procedure provides a novel standard of obtaining renal access.