We are a group of experienced and reliable urologists based out of Mumbai, providing an array of procedures and services to ensure your wellbeing. These include – Laparoscopic Urology, Reconstructive Urology, Endourology, Robotic Uro-oncology, Paediatric Urology, and Renal Transplant Surgery among others.

We are pioneers in single-port surgery, and currently one of the leading teams doing Robotic Transplants in western India. Our team has successfully carried out over 1000 such transplants, and we are the only group that does purely laparoscopic kidney retrievals.

We offer the highest quality, state-of-the-art urology procedures with the best outcomes. We also take pride in being the pioneers in starting Flexible Disposable Ureteroscope for patient safety, which we routinely carry out even now.

We are the only team that also specialises in the ultrasound diagnosis for prostate and bladder cancer, flexible cystoscopy, narrow band imaging (for bladder cancer) and MRI cognitive fusion biopsy (for prostate cancer).

We also offer pre and post-surgery consultations, along with follow-up services.